Get Artists Paid is a movement for just compensation and recognition of creative labor as labor.

Members of our alliance include writers, curators, organizers, film makers, photographers etc., all of whom are under-paid and largely professionally unrecognized. The industry is competitive and catered to elitist institutions, which means those that dont get work often give up their practice all-together; not from lack of "success" or ambition but because the economy is not built for creativity.

Crowd funding is the most transparent,communicative and resourceful way to finance projects and remain autonomous from institutions and corporations (which do not offer collective opportunity).

Artists are often ahead of our time, and because of this,we are not always recognized for our cultural contributions until much later. To solve this we must acknowledge and appreciate imaginative and progressive thinkers.

Money from this campaign goes directly towards PAYING artists we work with for their intellectual and creative property, spreading our message through panels and events, dismantling oppressive structures and replacing unethical labor standards with the sustainable, inclusive, and accessible art world we want to live in.